The African Dream with Esther Passaris (Founder Adopt-A-Light ) at Fatuma’s Voice

Esther Muthoni Passaris, OGW joins Fatuma’s Voice to share her version of The African Dream. As a mother, businesswoman and social entrepreneur, she will share a taste of her life; how growing up was like, her thoughts on the role of youth and women in Kenyan leadership and how they are fairing. Does she face any discrimination from men for her self belief? What drives her to be who she is?
Born and bred in Mombasa, Esther Passaris, the CEO of ‘Adopt-A-Light’, speaks with a sure mind. A passionate leader who stands for what she believes in, she is one of the memorable names Kenya has had particularly for lighting up some major towns. The vision was to light up East African when the sun sets and she’s well on course. Esther Passaris has a vision for the women of Nairobi, to better their lives and those of their families.
In the course of lighting up Nairobi with Adopt-A-Light to provide a more secure environment, Esther Passaris witnessed the lives of many Nairobi residents that badly needed improvement. Sadly, 8 years and counting, most of these lives still need improving, some are even worse off than they used to be. She saw mothers running their businesses next to open sewers; women rushing to save their wares when it starts to rain; women who are paid less than their male counterparts on the same job; and personally experienced the bias against women entrepreneurs in court and government offices.
Through this all, Fatuma’s Voice believes with Esther Passaris that When you empower a woman you liberate a nation; the time is now!
As Fatuma’s Voice resumes with the Nairobi sessions, It’s time to face the hard conversations. The artists are ready. We have poetry and music waiting for you that evening. Come ready to challenge yourself as well as ask questions. It’s your moment to make a step.
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