The world is not a safe place anymore. It’s even hard to trust relatives with your children! Many of us have been molested or abused by adults who were supposed to be protecting us, but issues like fear and culture have hindered us from speaking up. No wonder young people continue to engage in drugs, prostitution, theft, among other vices, as they look for a way out of their emotional troubles.Have you been abused by a close relative in your childhood? Have you ever talked about it? For those who have been through it, how are you coping? This Friday on#FatumasVoice we look into the pains that children undergo in the hands of unsuspecting relatives, as well as the plight of the boy child who lies forgotten amid calls for women empowerment. Just how can society achieve that fundamental balance?
On your poetry list, you want to listen to the likes of Swizzy, Tela Abala, Azab, Merci Poetess and Sally Boyani… All this accompanied by Music from the trully amazing Doreen Nyawira, Natasha Ndinda, Daville, Matthew Kipkorir and Mugiira Dennis. Also, Nzisa Muli, an artist and a mother of two shares with us her story with regards to Child Abuse in an exclusive interview by Rixpoet.
It’s your time to speak up!
Pawa 254