What is Community Policing?
How often do you contact your local area leader?
Have you ever voted for a Community Leader?

When Mwalimu Julius Nyerere assumed presidency of Tanzania in 1962, he adopted a community based approach of uniting Tanzanians, famously known as ‘Ujamaa’. In creating these villages, he envisioned a community where everyone would live at peace with each other as brothers and sisters.
Kenya has been through chaotic elections since 1992.
After Kenya promulgating its new constitution in 2010, there was a ray of hope that we could finally realize the so much needed social integration and cohesion. This seemed attainable when in the year 2013, the then Interior Cabinet Secretary; Joseph Ole Lenku initiated a community policing project dubbed ‘Nyumba Kumi’ that was aimed at achieving social cohesion.
While this was at its initial stages, one Chief Kariuki in Lanet, Umoja area of Nakuru Count, was making headlines in the country. Chief Kariuki was already actualizing the Nyumba Kumi project using social media. A growing online following saw him become a notable voice in community policing among his people.

“Let’s talk about policing and public safety. Let’s debate what works and what does not. We must abandon practices that do not work, and do more of the things that actually do work to save lives.”
– Martin O’Malley

Chief. Francis Mwaura Kariuki would collect information from residents of Umoja and straight away alert the nation through his twitter account. An act that would earn him accolades across the country. Whether it is about crime, illicit brew, school fundraisings, drug peddling or community empowerment initiatives, Chief Kariuki is the to-go-to person in Nakuru County.
Did Nyumba Kumi work? Has the concept of Nyumba Kumi worked in Kenya? Can we emulate our fellow Tanzanians and create systems like those of ‘Ujamaa villages?’ Or better yet, how effective is the use of social media to fight crime and violence?
Can we trust the power of social media for community policing?
Should we push the government to invest in security via digital means to help in this?
Join Fatuma’s Voice Nakuru this Saturday to get an in-depth analysis on community policing with the tweeting maestro, Chief Kariuki, as you listen to soothing poetry performances. Fatuma’s Voice mugs to be won during the evening too.

Community Policing in a Devolved Kenya

Community Policing in a Devolved Kenya

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