Cancer is the third leading cause of mortality in Kenya, accounting for 7% of annual deaths. We are about 48 Million Kenyans today.
That means 3.3 Million of us are dying of Cancer each year. Population projection is at 50 Million by 2020, meaning a bigger number will be dying of the illness by then if more work is not done to manage the scourge.
Majority of us are clueless on where to get information when Cancer hits home.

This Saturday we host Poet Omondi Ochuka who has been down with Cancer of the Liver for sometime now. He’s a true soldier. All of that day’s proceeds shall fall to his kitty to support his scheduled treatment in India.
As agreed in our previous session, everyone is to come with someone so that we may fill the theatre hall. Come with more people if you can.
We are going to educate ourselves on the meaning of Cancer and why it has been difficult to cure all these years.
What can we do as the Fatuma’s Voice Community to push for better government policies that would help curb Cancer?
Who among us shall we give the responsibility to follow up and give us updates on what’s happening regarding the same?
It’s time for change. It’s time we took part in how our country is run.
Come ready for poetry, music and film.
Do share the poster with your friends, family and on your social media pages under the hashtag #WeWillWin.
Pawa 254