Dr. Kizzie Shako to talk about Child Abuse in Kenya at Fatuma’s Voice

The silence of a broken child cuts through the soul. It melts you to nothingness. For how would they get their innocence back if the people who hurt them are the ones they trust most? Cases of children facing forced labour, physical violence, emotional blackmail and sexual abuse from parents or caregivers responsible for their welfare, are heart wrenching ordeals transpiring the world over.
Dr. Kizzie Shako encounters these stories quite often in her line of duty. She is the first and currently sole Kenyan female police surgeon, working for the Ministry of Health, under the Division of Forensic and Pathology Services. Her first hand and often cramped experiences of listening to victims of violence, some of whom are too traumatized to utter any words, have shaped how she views humanity.

She (Dr. Kizzie Shako) joins us this Saturday at Fatuma’s Voice to give us a glimpse of what she undergoes on a daily basis in her quest to serve her country and earn a living, what we need to know about child abuse, the prevention and correctional measures we could follow to improve the lives of children in our homes and neighbourhoods.
Have you been through or witnessed child abuse? What was it like for you? Could you come share your story? Come air your views during our interactive session. Invite the people you care about.
FlowflaNi Wakaba, Wahenga Wenyeji BAND, Jaaziyah Shiraz, and Urban Bliss Band are among the evening’s poetry and music acts waiting to sweep off our feet as we reflect on the day’s conversation.
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Dr. Kizzie Shako talk about Child Abuse in Kenya at Fatuma's Voice

Dr. Kizzie Shako talk about Child Abuse in Kenya at Fatuma’s Voice