DREAMS AND AMBITIONS: This week at #FatumasVoice we meet at the August 7th Memorial Park to talk about Dreams and Ambitions…

Do you remember wanting to be a pilot or a multi-million businessperson or even the President? What happened to all this ambition? Are we really born geniuses then education ruins us? Is there still hope to redeem and achieve our “unrealistic” aspirations? Have we trapped ourselves in the addictive lies that lie within the “comfort zone”? By the way, speaking of the comfort zone, it’s not always that comfy; even kids think that laying the warmth of urine after wetting their bed is comfortable! Maybe we need to make ourselves dissatisfied with status quo and use this attitude as motivation to move on. You may have thought of these questions before but this is not another brainstorming debate session, it is a challenge! A challenge to believe in the ambitious contents of your heart: A challenge to keep walking regardless of the inadequacies that the world so generously offers. A challenge to turn our dream into actions! 
But what is a dream? A Dream is more than a succession of images and ideas that occur involuntarily in the mind! A dream is a vision that we so strongly believe in that we are willing to sacrifice present pleasures and postpone instant gratification just to achieve something more than ourselves. A Dream is a vision that we intentionally choose to act on, invest in, and hold on to, regardless of the awkwardness, shortcomings and opposition that may arise! But don’t get it all twisted; dreams will just be insignificant visions until we act on them. If you are destined to fly then you have no business on the ground other than using it as a runway… Don’t look for your wings, spread them out and fly! Don’t be that guy who complains about power black-outs, Invert that situation by burning out that midnight oil and inventing a solution. The possibilities are endless; Write that proposal, Have a conversation with that person, Research on that issue, Join that band and sing that song, Try out that idea which has been on your mind for ages… And I’ll repeat what Gabriella Mischel says: “If you don’t take a chance, you don’t stand a chance!”
So what is the next step? You are all fired up; your mission is set, your focus is on the goal, you are now making things happen! But there is one problem and if you are wise, you’ve probably seen it, it’s the irony of success; it lets you chase it but never lets you catch it, so you keep on running, and toiling, and struggling and as all this happens you are missing out on the main thing. You are missing out on others, on community, on family, on life… just because what you have forces you to get more and it this becomes a cyclic cycle, since you can never pile up enough wealth upon enough wealth. So what’s the point of all this? Honestly I have no answer for that but one thing I know is that success comes from making others successful, and by making others happy. Let’s pull up each other not because we are at the peak but because we want to reach the peak together, afterall it would be lonely up there on our own!

Fatuma’s Voice is a poetry event that happens each week in Nairobi, Kenya