Juma is a dull boy working all the time without play. His mind needs something different; a toy, some music or a game. He yearns to learn from everything he does but his parents want him to study all the time. He did not do so well in his last exams so there is pressure to improve his grades. There is no going out for him. But Juma is hungry; hungry for a life, hungry to make friends and hungry to interact with nature.
Juma steals time to entertain himself. He waits for when his parents are away to watch pornography that he was introduced to by a close friend. His mind wanders into a strange world. The TV is playing music with half naked men and women and there are no child magazines in his home. His parents don’t talk to him about what to watch or listen to. Juma’s perception of entertainment is therefore left to how his young brain interprets the things that excite him.
We want to help this young man.
What does entertainment mean to you? How often do you consume it? Is there anything like good or bad entertainment to you? If yes, how do you filter or differentiate it? What ways can we use entertainment to speak for the voiceless, teach masses and evoke thoughts or emotions that can improve the state of society? Is there hope that things could be better?
This Saturday on Fatuma’s Voice, we host BADILIQA, a social community that is using entertainment to initiate conversations on different issues in society. They shall be taking us through the power of entertainment as a tool to spark social change as well as inform us on what their activities entail. They are the organizers of Music Art and Culture – MAC.
Laura Ekumbo shall be giving us a farewell poetry performance before she leaves for Canada to further her studies. She’s among the many poets who begun their stints at the forum. Jannet Mumo is back after a long spell out of the poetry scene due to school. These two, among other brilliant poets and musicians, shall make our evening complete as we look to learn more about how we can use entertainment for education beyond consuming it to unwind. We look forward to hosting you.
Pawa 254