Fatuma’s Voice 3rd Anniversary #HappyBirthdayFatumasVoice

Fatuma's Voice 3rd Anniversary #HappyBirthdayFatumasVoice

Fatuma’s Voice 3rd Anniversary #HappyBirthdayFatumasVoice

Two young men in their early twenties believed they could bring Africa to a standstill with their passion for seeing people converse. Perhaps because they shared a love for poetry which saw them put their hearts on a jungle-like trek. All that would later grow to become a notable journey to the people whose lives have been impacted by efforts to use art for expression, cohesion, economic development and emotional intelligence. As a result, they brought together youth from different backgrounds, consequently building Fatuma’s Voice.

For Chris Mukasa and Eric Onyango (Rixpoet), sweat is a rewarding but unpleasant friend. The sleepless nights they spent editing Kenyan Poets Lounge’s first poetry anthology in the first quarter of 2013 were to give birth to a soaring proliferation in the interest of performing arts, particularly poetry, music and SpokenWord in the following months in Nairobi, building up to the inception of Fatuma’s Voice in Nairobi, and later Mombasa and Nakuru. We are almost launching in Kisumu and Eldoret. Maybe another African country (or more) will probably be hosting Fatuma’s Voice very soon.


With an industrious team zealous to spread light across the country, Fatuma got her voice going at Pawa 254 from Friday July 12th 2013. The artsy expedition aimed at converging youthful voices for essential exchanges has since grown to develop an inter-county web of enthusiastic populations eager to create solutions for their ailing communities. Three calendars have been both momentous and nerve-wracking for the Fatuma’s Voice experience. From the amateurish forums we’d conduct weekly to the pain of setting up proper structures for exquisite execution.

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Consequently, as we continue to learn, create and open more opportunities for our audiences, artists, partners and investors, we are keen to stay grounded to the soul of our goals. To help people speak up for themselves in a tough world where greed for power, corruption and mismanagement have robbed many of justice, equality and dignity.


More young people now stand to be counted. To get involved in matters governance and policy making. We are hungry for progressive change and the best way to start off is by talking to each other.

Fatuma’s Voice celebrates its third anniversary this Saturday. Think of it as a birthday. A birth of voices that have long been suppressed. We want to spend this day reflecting on how far we have come, the lessons our pitfalls have taught us, how it has been for us meeting you and your loved ones, hear your experiences, narrating to you a peek into what it has taken to get here – who in the team does what and the magic that ubuntu has enabled us perform.

This is our shared journey, as a result, we are expecting everyone to show up, both young and old. Our friends, partners, and parents will be attending. Do come with your loved ones too. Spread the message.

Pawa 254

Fatuma's Voice 3rd Anniversary #HappyBirthdayFatumasVoice

Fatuma’s Voice 3rd Anniversary #HappyBirthdayFatumasVoice


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