Mind boggling conversations on Mombasa’s state of art. We are thankful to everyone who showed up; the panelists for their wonderful contribution, the audience for an engaging participation and the artists for entertaining and educating us.
We all have a lot of work to do to improve matters art at the Coast. Let us start working together and bring more people on board so that we could be stronger. Collaborations steer progress. Pointing fingers never solves any problems.
Take the challenge. Do something.

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Back in 2011, the art scene in Mombasa was next to non-existent, and minimal at best. In 2012 groups such as Last Word Standing and Talent Unplugged started coming up to fill this gap. Since then the art scene in Mombasa has experienced constant growth by the day and people are now supporting art and artists in many ways.
While we applaud the progress in Mombasa, it is obvious that we still have a long way to go. There are a lot of challenges that artists face, from poets to stage actors to photographers. Let us meet at Fatuma’s Voice Mombasa on the 7th of April and discuss these issues as we deliberate on State of the Art in Mombasa.
The topic will be addressed by a panel of industry stakeholders including;
Theatre Producer/Director – Hillary Namanje
MCSK Representative – Aidan Sango
Mainstream artist – Hustlajay Maumau
Up & coming artist – Marcus
Media personality – Dj Lenium
Production house/Producer -Jamal Abdallah
County Government Rep – Alfred Mwakio (Youth, Gender & Sports).
The discussion will be moderated by Jamila Hassan and Nuru Bahati.