In pre-colonial Kenya, it is rarely known that freedom fighter, Dedan Kimathi, would write poems. Later after the British had left, the government in place through the 70s to 90s carried out lots of injustices against its people. In this period, and even throughout the 17th and 18th centuries when slave trade was booming in Africa, many indigenous poets crafted poems that confronted socio-political disorder.
Why is poetry a good starting place for important discussions? Human beings are drawn to artistic creativity. Music, poetry, and dance, are softer avenues through which to spark sensitive conversations, because poems, for example, take us through experiences that open us up to be comfortable to react towards something irking or interesting.
Why are we therefore yet to embrace poetry as a serious art in our society, yet, it has the power to bring us together? Do you think poetry is necessary for us? Does it have any relevance to you? Lets have your say this Saturday on Fatuma’s Voice as we enjoy some good works from poets on stage as well as videos from Kenyan poets that you probably have not watched before.
Pawa 254