#FatumasVoice Presents: Gender Based Violence
After the #MyDressMyChoice campaign, the issue of Gender-based violence has made headlines in Kenya again. Recently, sexual harassment cases have been on the increase and have been the topic of discussions on Kenyan media and social media circles. Incidences of women being publicly stripped have been on the increase and have gained notoriety.
#FatumaVoice has joined the international 16 Days of Activism campaign that originated from the first Women’s Global Leadership forum in 1991. Gender Based Violence is an issue that affects children and youth, yet the focus is placed most on domestic violence among married couples. Sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment and E-violence are some of the GBV issues that affect predominantly the youth, yet very few of them seek medical and psychosocial support.
This Saturday, we shall come together to speak out against all forms of violence directed against anyone on the basis of gender. Join us as we hear the voice of poets and musicians including, Hustla Jay, T.O.A, Vera and Storyteller among others. We will also be joined by dancers from the Kenya Dance Academy who will speak out through emotive dance. You are welcome to share your story with us as we fight Gender Based Violence, a vice that scares to divide us.
Ksh 100/=
5:30 pm