#FatumasVoice presents: The Life of a Business Minded Kenyan… #BusinessMinded
You have a passion, a talent; something you are good at. You play with words, can sell ideas, craft a basket or been thinking of starting up a business. But you do not know how to start, who to talk to or where to go… There are many people like you out there, but maybe the difference is, they have began, and you haven’t.
You probably want to earn a living from what you are good at. After realizing that you need to be business minded with your passion, where do you begin?These are some of the things we’ll be talking about this Saturday at Fatuma’s Voice.
Come with a friend who you know needs this conversation. But more importantly, come ready to meet passionate youth, ready and willing to partner with like minded individuals and share ideas on how to success together in the business realm… This is your time!
Pawa 254