If you can read this, thank your Teacher…

When you come from a family of big leagues; everybody expects you to follow the same path. Be someone great, just like everyone in the family. Seriously, you do not want to disappoint people or else they will talk. It was awkward sometimes telling them I am doing education, and I want to be a teacher. They would look at me and be like, “But you are so and so’s daughter, why be a teacher? You are suit for this, or that…” I Whatever I decide to be, people will always have opinions. So I decide to pursue what I really wanted.
Growing up, most of us may have wanted to become mighty or have a lavish career, big house, loads of money, and a happy life? My name is Waliaula Simuli Lilian. I am a high school teacher.
Growing up, I wanted to be an engineer then it changed to be a car designer… Mathematics and Physics happened, I ended up thinking of being a journalist. I wanted to be seen on the big screens or radios and just talk. Talk about life, breathe life into news and be like Laura Walubengo or Caroline Mutoko (I seriously adore these two women). Sadly, I never got to have my dream career, even though a certain university actually gave me an opportunity to study mass communication and journalism. I ended up doing education at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.
One thing that kept me going was my mum. She is also a high school teacher and an amazing one; I wanted to be like her. One of the best, she is on a league of her own. Well meet my mum, she kept me strong and reminded me every day there is something bigger and better at the end of this race. Well she was right.
I got to graduate in the year 2013, which was a great and defining moment in my life. The fact that I could write poetry and perform it too, was a plus for me. I got a job as a teacher but it was not all easy. I was one of the youngest in the entire staff. Working with teenagers taught to me love what I do so much.
These students ended up being my sisters. I got to remember what I went through in school and how teachers would treat us back then and honestly speaking, I did not want to do the same for these girls. I wanted something different. It was fun sharing with the girls and learning together. Who said learning was all about books and notes alone?
Twice, I was called incompetent in terms of the style I used to teach my students. I felt heartbroken, my life crumbling down. I stopped believing in myself and felt everything come to standstill. Refused to go to work and sat in my room crying. I ended up talking to my sister and she reminded me why I enjoy what I do and to keep pushing harder. That year ended with me getting two awards from the same school, ‘Most innovative teacher and Teacher of the term.’
Teaching is not for the faint hearted. Parents, students and employers have disrespected me. One thing I kept doing was working harder and always aiming for the best but my main key element was prayer. My journey has not been easy but I am grateful for where I am. Currently I am doing my masters in English language and literature, I just had to take a break from teaching but I miss sharing life with my girls. I miss them a lot and do hope they join me where I am and even surpass my level.
I got to know of Fatuma’s Voice from one Cyril Osongo Osongo who took me there to watch some of his students perform. Coincidentally that day’s discussion was on relationships and I got a chance to talk and share. I found Fatuma’s Voice forums interesting, got to meet fellow poets and learnt a thing or two about life. Life has a voice and it is up to us to bring its voice out in all that we do. We speak for it, we are it, and we are life. Whatever you choose to do, do it with a passion and enjoy it no matter what people say. I have had my fair share of life and I am still enjoying it. I am not planning to stop teaching anytime soon, just waiting to finish this new milestone and come bring something better in our education system for our children.
Yes, life is beautiful live it enjoying whatever you do.