Ibua Africa: Amina Abdi – Founder, Operation Santa. TV & Radio host

As of 2013, 250,000 families countrywide stay on the streets and have nothing to eat, in Nairobi alone the numbers have more than doubled from 60,000 in 2013 to date and so many of them die because they are hungry. This is why Amina Abdi started Project Santa with the goal of feeding as many people street families as possible starting this festive season as she also plans to expand this project to a monthly program next year.
Learn more about Amina and Project Santa on twitter this Wednesday 16th December 6pm E.A.T under the hashtag ‪#‎IbuaAfrica‬
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A very amazing and special final chat with the super talented MC, radio and TV host, founder of ‪#‎OperationSanta‬ Amina Kenya who is doing her part to be an agent of change in the space that she is in and that’s a true change maker!.
A big thank you to everyone who joined in our chat and helping to make us the top trending conversation in Kenya. The conversation still continues, follow the hashtag ‪#‎IbuaAfrica‬ on twitter in case you missed it. #IbuaAfrica‪#‎engagingminds‬ ‪#‎inspiretoempower‬
Ibua Africa is a show aimed at Re-inventing African communities through Inspirational African stories. Its mission is to help her arise from all this ‘darkness’ by participating in the re-inventing of African communities while reaffirming that there is a role for each of us in it.