Ibua Africa: Wawira Njiru – Food 4 Education

Food insecurity drives many people all over the world from their homes to the streets to steal, beg and engage in other forms of violence. Lack of food forces children to choose between class or begging for food on the street. Click To Tweet Many children would prefer to look for work or steal just to get 1 meal a day.
Wawira identified lack of food as a big challenge to access to good education which led to her founding Food 4 Education, a feeding and mentorship program that also provides basic amenities such as sanitary towels. Today, Food 4 Education has worked with over 80 school children providing them with everyday lunch, mentored over 300 students and sponsored 3 of the best performing students to enter highschool.
Wawira has been recognized globally by the Transform Nutrition Programme as one of the global Nutrition champions in 2013 and also a Spark Kenya Changemaker 2012. She is a graduate of the University of South Australia (UNISA) specializing in Nutrition and Food Sciences and currently doing her masters in Public Health at JKUAT.
Wawira Njiru and her Food 4 Education team started off by doing a needs assessment of schools in the Ruiru area to identify the most effective intervention to benefit most children and a feeding program was identified as something that the schools and community really needed implemented but did not have the resources to implement. Having limited resources as an undergrad student, she mobilised those around her to raise some money and start a feeding program for school children that would enable them to stay in school and learn. They designed a menu that was based on locally available food and could provide the key macro and micronutrients.
She was featured on the Ibua Africa twitter chat a few months ago. You can find more about her here:
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