To community leaders and social influencers.

I hope this finds you well.

I am excited to invite you a growing community of like minded individuals who believe in Abundance. Abundance is the natural state that all animals are aware of except man. Man has been familiarized with scarcity. Scarcity is artificial.

As a growing community we know that poverty is artificial and that governments & financial institutions all over are not putting any significant effort to bridge the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

This created the necessity of our global community in March 2016, to share abundance with all who are willing & open minded. We are called The Billion Coin (TBC) community, speaking one language perfectly 7 constantly put in a blog ( with thousands of broadcasters on YouTube.
As a community we are backing up a digital asset (currency) called Kringle coin each currently valued at $8.17 (KES.817), it is not manipulated by the market forces (sharks and whales). A stability is required and value increases with global membership growth. Our goal is to reach out to 1 billion people worldwide and eradicate global poverty without the help of any government. The power is rightfully with the people.
In 2 and a half years we have arrived at membership of 3.29 million people. So we have not yet hit 1% (10 million) of the maximum membership. With the Kenyan community ( having about 35,081 people, we are realizing the brotherhood of living in a greed free society, helping each other whenever we can.
We realized that the true economic value of currency is with the community and not with the governmental bodies.
You and I can actually decide what can be our medium of exchange when we do any trade of good or service between us.
I therefore take this opportunity to invite you to our community, we have a lot to learn from you and hopefully you will learn from us too.
Register here to get the gift (redeemable in November), registration is by invitation only.
Let me know if you have any questions in this regard, WhatsApp 0721513315.
NB: Check out the positive impact of a much older community currency in an informal settlement in Mombasa in just 5 years
To Abundance for all Families in the world.