It’s over – Elsaphan Njora

It’s over – Elsaphan Njora

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It’s over – Elsaphan Njora

Last night I broke up with fear
Because it hit me
It’s a sarcastic world we live in
Almost impossible to sustain a smile
It costs too much and sometimes it hurts too much

I mean where can I go
And not be smacked by feeling of am not enough
Feeling of what if this; because things are like this;
If am not careful I will only amount to this;
Without this; meaning my life will only be this;
Instead of this, what is this?

And sometimes your closet brings no comfort or closure
And family is not enough and there are, all alone
Self-esteem depleted
Confidence deflated
Fear redeemed and the pain recoiled
I actually thought there was no hope
I was afraid

Was meaning past tense
Was meaning things have changed
Was meaning despite the obvious I have found something better
And don’t get me wrong

I am not talking about
Praise God, Hallelujah type of sense
Where I assume the problem
Pretending it doesn’t exist
But praise God, Hallelujah anyway

For fear stifles and paralyses
But I want to move
Fear condemns and causes hate
And I would rather be free
Fear reminds us of the past failures and I want to start anew
I was afraid and yes the risk of failure still exists but the freedom about this new sense overrides the old

I mean let me tell you something
If God was a cartoon he would be the buggz bunny always standing behind you asking wassup duck
However not to spite you but because He wants to have a conversation with you
If God was a cartoon he would be the father in finding Nemo
Going to extra lengths just to find to tell you he loves and is proud of you

If God was a movie He would be Titanic
Not the boat but the iceberg
Perfect timing to make the impossible possible
Better yet he would be Rango
Just to prove that if you search deep inside you will find that He cando more than we can think or imagine
So why should I fear? It makes no sense
For we have a new confidence that is engrained beyond your grasp

So fear see me no more; not now not ever
Don’t call me, Don’t text me, Don’t skype me
Consider yourself replaced and rudely disowned
And please don’t blame me; BLAME LOVE
For he told me that if he is for me nothing can be against me
He sent his only son so that he could reserve eternity for me
And there is no fear in love
And just in case you missed it that your cue to leave


This post has been read 1131 times!


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