The session was blazing and Jeff Koinange made the temperature at Fatuma’s Voice rise a couple of degrees. I learned a lot from the engagements as our thoughts and views on Journalism in Africa assimilated symmetrically. Jeff Koinange juggled my mind with his life experience as a Journalist and his encouraging quotes. I mastered, “Build, and they will come.” It was such an atmosphere of elation. Jeff Koinange’s advice on not dying for any story at first was confusing but after further elucidation I agreed with him that no story is worth dying for. Humans need to live to tell the story better.
The spoken words, songs and poems were of their own class. After Every performance, palpable excitement buzzed through the charged air, it was spontaneous outpouring of emotions. Fatuma voice is such a great initiative as it nurtures talent and project it to the citizens.
I commend Fatuma’s Voice team for the good work they are doing of integrating youths and giving us a platform to air views and opinion on matters affecting the society. For giving voice to the voiceless and for creating a space where youths can interact and come with solutions facing our nation. I cant wait for the next section.

Journalism In Africa with Jeff Koinange at Fatuma’s Voice

Review - Journalism In Africa with Jeff Koinange at Fatuma's Voicee

Review – Journalism In Africa with Jeff Koinange at Fatuma’s Voicee