Misimu Zangu: My Seasons with Gufy Dox Poet

#MisimuZangu: My Seasons with Gufy Dox Poet

Kenyan poet, Oscar Ogero Onyango aka Gufy Dox, glinted social media space on the launch of his third spokenword album dubbed “Misimu Zangu” which translates to “My Seasons”. The spirited tenth child of a beautiful mother who’s been on tenterhooks selling fish in Nakuru to take care of her children doubles as the host of Kenya Poetry Slam. As founder of Nakuru’s biggest poetry event, Upgrade Poetry, Gufy has toiled to earn a name in Nairobi’s swamped poetry scene.

Inspired by his life experiences, Misimu Zangu is the philosophy of sharing personal stories to enhance togetherness. Just as Muthoni Garland’s Nyef Nyef Stories assembly takes us back to the times when valuable life lessons were disseminated via storytelling, Gufy’s streak seeks to help people appreciate one another in a world with tough living conditions. His enterprise merited him a spot on Larry Madowo’s NTV Friday show, The Trend, with activist Boniface Mwangi and media personality Caroline Mutoko joining in sharing their formerly untold “misimu”.

Everyone is going through something. When we meet to share our predicaments, cathartic fellowships help us cope with what we are going through. The Swahili saying goes “Kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa”. Juliani’s sharp-witted line in his song Niko Juu Juu stating “Fahamu huwezi badilisha rangi ya ocean na tea bag moja, sote tunahusika” is exemplar that unity is strength. We meet to share our experiences so as to walk with each other in our journeys.
Fatuma’s Voice hosts Gufy this Saturday in what promises to be an animated evening of rhythm, stories and poetry. Wahenga Wenyeji Band and poetess Adhiambo Wameyo rock the stage on this day.

“Listen, and you will realize that we are made not from cells or from atoms. We are made from stories.”
― Mia Couto

Gufy’s album copies go for 400/- and shall be available at this event. Please carry some extra money to purchase it as we support beautifully crafted poetry from a gentle bloke.
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Fatuma’s Voice
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 #MisimuZangu: My Seasons with Gufy Dox Poet

#MisimuZangu: My Seasons with Gufy Dox Poet


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