Poets – 10 Reasons to Date one this Valentine

  1. Poets are romantic. They will write you letters, put mushy notes in your handbag or pocket. (We all like that old school love.)
  2. Their poetry can stroke your ego. You’ll definitely become the muse and inspiration for their work. Maybe he’ll thank you in a book dedication or something.
  3. Forget boredom! Poets will always have an open mic or a cool event to attend and keep you busy.
  4. Poets are smart. Some are hilariously witty. Trust me, you will never stop laughing, or smiling.
  5. Poets are true, they cannot keep a secret from you, they easily express their feelings through words all the time which makes them honest.

    Sally Boyani & Nuru Bahati share a light moment after the weekly Fatuma’s Voice Forum in Nairobi, Kenya

  6. Poets are passionate, they talk with all their senses. They sprinkle this passion to their work and relationships.
  7. They are creative and will have 1000 ways to communicate that they love you. Think of it as automatic fun and adventure.
  8. You will know what a true apology sounds like. Poets can apologize like NONE other when they know they have done something wrong.
  9. A well-written poem can be the most powerful and therapeutic dose of truth and self-realization. Poets write poems. Therefore, dating a poet is like getting free therapy.
  10. They see beauty in faults, they will regard you perfect in their eyes, they will describe you so much you will always feel beautiful.


I (Corinne Kahi Isige) started writing in high school at 15 as a means of release and therapy for my teenage drama and poetry became my source of hope. I am a dreamer, I was always told my dreams were unrealistic and that made me strive to be a better writer. My poetry mostly revolves around the themes of love, fear, God, change and hope. I am inspired by my experiences, experiences of people close to me, nature and movies!Feel free to Share You may want to read the Comment below : Here is a link to My Blog