Film Screening: Safe Migration and Alternative Livelihoods More than 20,000 victims are trafficked through Kenya annually from neighbouring countries including Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. HAART Kenya partnered with Fatuma’s Voice to do a Screening on Safe Migration.

I got the learn about #SafeMigration and HAART Kenya, from my friend Onyango Otieno or RixPoet (amazing guy)… He posted about the event and I decided to reserve my seat.

Learning about Human Trafficking in Kenya:

My thoughts when coming were confined to a documentary about how to safely migrate from one place to another honestly and blankly. But then after watching the film I was bitter, deep in thought about our government system.

The injustice our fellow sisters face while going for these domestic jobs and others deceived into getting better jobs but end up the same or worse is inhuman. I got to learn that people end up working extra hours as opposed to what was agreed on, and go for months without any pay.

Scenes from Safe Migration Film Screening
Scenes from Safe Migration Film Screening

The moment you land to the recruiting agencies your passport and cell phone is taken away from you, right of movement and communication denied. I am not sad, rather of course am sad about the mistreatment and all that but it is not as sad as our government being given a leverage by the countries responsible.

So, these countries pull out their investments in our country and thus limiting our government to  lifting the ban against our sisters going to work in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. At what level is our Humanitarian consideration?

Safe Migration: Human trafficking cartels in Kenya

Merchandised: Human trafficking cartels in Kenya

What stood out to me is the reality that human trafficking is not just about cross boarders but as close as that shosho who is always organising vulnerable girls in the village for domestic works in abusive households.

Our country upholds human rights of both citizens and that of immigrants. Why don’t we have a system that ensures protection of the rights of those seeking jobs in these countries?

Cases of human trafficking are alarming in the country:

More About Safe Migration and HAART Kenya:

Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) is a non-governmental organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. HAART is an organization dedicated towards ending modern slavery in Kenya and east Africa.

It was founded in 2010 by a passionate group of lawyers, missionaries and humanitarians under the leadership of Radoslaw Malinowski. HAART is the only organization in Kenya that works exclusively on eradicating human trafficking.

To provide a framework for combating trafficking, HAART works on four levels to build capacity and mobilize citizens to overcome trafficking in persons.

REVEALED: How Kenyan girls are trafficked from the country:

PWB Photographer Matilde Simas documents HAART Kenya:

PWB Photographer Matilde Simas documents HAART Kenya, an organization dedicated to ending modern slavery (human trafficking) against women and children in Kenya and East Africa.

Simas spent two weeks photographing their workshops, community, and grief-stricken survival stories. HAART Kenya CEO Radoslaw Malinowski, outlines the organization’s mandate to eradicate human trafficking not only in Kenya but for all of Eastern Africa.

Lawyer Ignacio Lepro outlines the dark process of human trafficking. Sophie Otiende, the Program Consultant at HAART Kenya and liberator of over 300 trafficked women and young girls shares her unforgettable experiences and her pursuit of a better future for women across Kenya.

Learn more about HAART Kenya: Created by Danielle Da Silva Directed by Danielle Da Silva Photographed by Matilde Simas Edited by David Coulson

Scenes from Safe Migration Film Screening
Scenes from Safe Migration Film Screening

HAART Kenya’s Office Address location and Social Media Contacts:

HAART Kenya is always looking for individuals who want to give their time and talent to help fight human trafficking in Kenya and east Africa. If you would like to give your time or talent please send an inquiry to [email protected]

Email: [email protected]
Phone Helpline +254780211113 or +254738506264

If you know about anyone who is in affected by any of these issues: Human Trafficking, Slavery and related abuse, please reach out to the police and related institutions for help. Find out more about HAART Kenya and their dedication to stop Human Trafficking.

Film Screening: Safe Migration and Alternative Livelihoods
Film Screening: Safe Migration and Alternative Livelihoods