SEX IN THE CITY: A discussion about Sex & Love with Robert Burale

Is Love related to Sex?

Jane has been looking for more than sex. She seeks love. Signing up in dating sites, showing up for speed dates, and 2 go hook ups have not done her much good. She’s desperate for a relationship but cannot reveal that to her best friend, Teresa, who is going out with a married man. Teresa shares her mind blowing sexual escapades with this heavy pocketed well groomed bloke with a ring on his finger in their girl talk sessions. Jane gets jealous of her.

One night stands don’t cut anymore…

SEX IN THE CITY: A discussion about Sex & Love with Robert Burale

SEX IN THE CITY: A discussion about Sex & Love with Robert Burale

Good men are as scarce as bats in this city. This cold feel-dry city. She’s looking for adventure but the one night stands don’t cut anymore. The gents she has dated in her 22 year old life have been a throb in the soul, often cheating on her with ‘better’ women or physically abusing her. She is in her final year of campus and been thinking hard about advancing that internship into a job. Her boss has asked her out severally for lunch but she gives excuses to run from the dates.
With pressure to appear happy and city savvy, her sleek urban English, a seemingly vibrant social media life of funny snap chats; luscious Instagram photos, and an admirable fashion sense, keep the boys on heat. Life is about having a good time after all. You only live once, they say.
She meets a 25 year old IT specialist at an arts festival one day. He gives her sleepless nights of long phone calls with funny jokes, and ‘I want to know more about you’s. She barely knows him but it feels right. Her gut is burning for him. He speaks with a deep amiable voice. It’s bewitching.

Life after the cookie:

Jeff asks for the cookie three weeks into their new found spark. They are yet to define their relationship. He seems a nice a guy, Jane can bet. Teresa, who is doing fine with someone’s husband, keeps pushing her to go for it. The young and restless. The two decide to get down. Jane is happy to have finally met someone who ‘loves’ her for who she is, only he is a bit obsessed with sex. She is struggling to catch up with his high drive.
Three months into it and her body is beginning to tire. It’s too much. She can’t open up to him nor her best friend for fear of being labelled a fool – wasting the chance of a lifetime. It’s difficult to find anyone who loves you in this city. His fine treats and outings confuse her even more. Is this kindness or danger? Love or slavery?
She wants this. Torn and increasingly getting emotionally depleted, she decides to stick around him. Then one day while at his place, she discovers a text in his phone from a number that’s not hers while he was showering, dating about two months ago, that he must have forgotten to delete at one of his bottom conversations. It reads:

“Your body is an avalanche of sexual warfare. I’d love to have it destroy me again and again.’’
To which he replied, “How’s your next week?’’

It’s unclear whether anything happened after this, but Jane registers something certainly happened behind her back. Her heart beats speed up!

Who is Robert Burale and what’s his Passion?

The bold and ever passionate Robert Burale shares his mind on sex and relationships this Saturday on Fatuma’s Voice. His insistence on keeping the right company and dressing one’s mind as well as they do their body gives us a wonderful time to look forward to this Saturday evening as we talk about the intricacies of being young, sexually active and yearning for deep relationships.
What would you do if you were Jane?

Robert Burale‘s Take on Marriage:

Robert Burale, learnt from his past marriage. “My marriage broke down after exactly one year and two days,” he says. “I felt like a failure, a worthless man. Looking back today, there are things I could have done better.”
Robert shares that he should have communicated with his spouse better and spent more quality time with her. And in retrospect, Robert notes that all that would be possible for someone who marries his friend. “It is very important that you marry your friend.
“In the days after a wedding, a newly-wed couple will enjoy the highs of fresh romance. But life soon turns into a boring routine. It is only then that your decision to marry your friend will come in handy!” he says.
Robert, who previously struggled with a strip-club addiction, advises that while you must be open to each other about your past struggles, you should never talk ill about your husband or reveal his dark side to all and sundry.
“Don’t talk ill of or demean your husband in public. You should cover him instead. If you don’t, he is bound to feel belittled, sometimes beyond repair and may very well walk out.”

What’s Robert Burale’s Profession?

Robert Burale is a versatile and experienced Event Host for corporate events, Weddings & TV programmes. Burale is also a Motivational Speaker who embeds his own personal life experiences including other peoples in order to bring out the best from people. He is also Trainer whose aim is to raise standards and set the best environ into employees and leaders in the corporate sector.
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