In what would be called a sex obsessed generation, talking about sex is still one of the hardest things to do. Young people don’t find it easy to do it amongst themselves, neither do the older ones find it any easier to initiate conversations on sex with the young.
But why are we finding it so hard to talk about sex? Maybe it’s the widespread notion that sex education solely refers to the recreational and ‘sacred’ activity. In most average afro-urban families, parents seldom have knowledge on sexual health, reproduction, and sexuality, and the nerve to initiate talk around the same.
This Saturday on Fatuma’s Voice we ask, is sex education important to the life of an individual at a young age or should we be left to find things out for ourselves? And when is the right time for one to start understanding sex? Where is the right place to get information on it?
Conversation brews as we await hosting you at the weekend. Tag a family member along. 🙂
Pawa 254