Stereotypes are used to catergorize groups of people. When people don’t understand others, they put them into classifications, thinking that everyone who is that needs to be like that, or anyone who acts like their classifications is one.
The downside of this classification is that people are unique and Stereotypes undermine individuality and lead to unfair descriptions that are almost always misleading.
We invite you to come and have an intimate discussion with us on the various steretypes associated with Gender and Gender based violence.

STEREOTYPES: SEMA - ANIKA forum ~ Fatuma's Voice


About SEMA – ANIKA Forum

Anika is an art based initiative that seeks to create platforms through which we engage in positive discussions on societal issues. ANIKA is a group of spoken word artistes aimed at creating more discussions on societal issues through art and other forms of discussion, to create awareness geared towards the creation of solutions. Our current cause is against Sexual Abuse and Gender Based Violence.

Anika is a Swahili word meaning EXPOSE. Its  an art based initiative that uses arts as a platform for change. It started six months ago. Its main objective is to empower the youth to talk about societal issues that are hushed up and also influence change. We  believe that change has to start from the mind, we create platforms that enable people to exchange opinions, tell stories and network hence empowering minds and being able to break the stereotypical mentalities on societal issues such as gender based violence, drug abuse, human trafficking, modern slavery and so on.

Anika has been founded by Gladys Mwende, a Spoken word poet,a film enthusiast and a student at Kenyatta University (Theater arts), and co-founded by a team of six Performing poets, Vanessa Ombura a member of the Jamlab community, Keith Kimutai, the Cake art affair founder and a journalism student, Corinne Kahi, a University graduate (journalism) and a Hip Hop artist with P31 crew, Stephanie Akinyi, University graduate (Statistics), Robbin Nyakundi ,University graduate (Statistics) and Desmond Ogubi a poet and a university graduate.
Together, Anika has grown for the past six months, we have been able to hold successful forums with help from friends and partners SEMA-mapenzi bila chuki initiative and Creatives Garage Trust, We have been Featured by Fatumas Voice (a weekly forum) to speak about Domestic violence as youth and also at Cake art affair,( a festival) and Sondeka Festival. Our journey has been with surprises  that challenged our growth as a young initiative, also as a team, we are glad to grow together with our audience, more people speaking out and more men supporting our Gender based violence course.
We have been able to work with  artists, from all fields, Poets, Photographers, Visual artists, Solo Musicians, Bands, Graphic designers like Kelvin Kaesa. We also invite panelists who have had a personal experience on topics we discuss each month to share and encourage open discussions.
We hope to expound more on our arts side this coming year and feature as many artists as possible because we believe that, art is powerful , its a mirror that constantly reminds the society who they really are. we believe that art heals, and the more we speak out the more we influence change in our own small ways.