Suzie Wokabi: founder and brand ambassador of Suzie Beauty Cosmetics

While the Oscar wining actress, Lupita Nyong’o wore Suzie Beauty lip balm; there was an entire journey of passion by Suzie Wokabi and her team:
Put a dark-skinned woman and the African sun together. Throw in some grossly overpriced, often counterfeit make-up brands into the equation and what do you get – a recipe for disaster! Multiply that and you have a population of fashion police’s most wanted, not to mention a host of unsightly skin reactions.

Akili Dada Presents: Inspirational Wednesday with Susan Wokabi

Come meet beauty guru, founder and brand ambassador of Suzie Beauty Cosmetics. She will be sharing her journey in entrepreneurship.
This was the inspiration that led Suzie Wokabi, International Relations degree holder, to pursue her passion and create her authentic, affordable, high-quality African make-up brand. This revolutionary line is Kenya’s first make-up/ beauty brand. Its also a global trailblazer in creating a bespoke product for the African woman, by an African woman.

How Suzie Wokabi built Kenya’s First make-up brand for the African Woman:

Suzie Wokabi began creating her make-up/ beauty brand in early 2009 and officially launched it in December 2011, making her name in the industry after she became the first Kenyan and makeup artist to start and own a local cosmetic line. Suzie Beauty Cosmetics is now under the Flame Tree Group where she serves as the Chief Creative Officer and Brand Ambassador of the brand.
Time: 5:45pm to 7:45 pm
Date: 27th July 2016
Venue: All Saints Cathedral
To be part of this engaging conversation RSVP or call 0721552320

What is the story of Akili Dada?

  • Akili Dada was founded in 2005 by Dr. Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg to address the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions in Africa.
  • Wanjiru was doing her dissertation research on women’s rights in Kenya.  She realized the extent to which women’s voices from underprivileged backgrounds were missing. The policy and decision-making processes affecting women’s lives in Kenya and across the continent didn’t involve them.
  • As her own experience had taught her that access to such positions typically required university education, strong mentors, and leadership experience. All this was beyond the reach of most underprivileged young women.  As a result, she set out to bridge that gap.
  • Wanjiru earned scholarships for her own degrees in higher education. Hence, she knew how the power of scholarships can open doors for underprivileged young African women.
Suzie Wokabi: founder and brand ambassador of Suzie Beauty Cosmetics

Suzie Wokabi: founder and brand ambassador of Suzie Beauty Cosmetics