The African Dream with Sam West (CEO Hero Radio) at Fatuma’s Voice Nakuru
At the age of only 23 years, Sam west, then a fresh graduate from Australia where he had gone to further his studies came back and did what many could only dream of doing: He set a community radio station in Nakuru which he called ‘Hero Radio’.
For a person who describes himself as a Kenyan radio personality, media mogul and stand-up comedian, Sam has done what many of his peers would only dream of. He is arguably the youngest media owner in Africa and a renowned comedian who has performed for audiences in Kenya, Australia, and even wowed the British council members with his witty non-tribal jokes.
Does the African Dream even exist in the first place? Who defines it?  On the 10th of March Sam West (CEO Hero Radio – Nakuru, Kenya) will share with us his version of the African dream and the sacrifice he had to make to create his current state.
Sigmund Freud once said that our choices and actions are determined by unconscious forces of which we can never fully be aware of. Well, those unconscious forces that forced Sam to venture into the media industry at such a tender age will be shared with us.
This Saturday, 19th March, 2016, Fatuma’s Voice shares in the success story of this 29 year old media owner at Legacy Hotel to hear more of his journey, his failures and successes throughout his eventful career. A cocktail of poetry and music shall also be served.
Purpose to attend and be part of this success African dream narrative.
Legacy Hotel
Nakuru, Kenya

The African Dream with Sam West (CEO Hero Radio) at Fatuma's Voice Nakuru

The African Dream with Sam West (CEO Hero Radio) at Fatuma’s Voice Nakuru