Sahro Ahmed Kashin stood firm on stage to present her poem ‘I Am A Somali Woman’ whose vivid imagery reflected the conversation of the evening. Her words were too alive, it was hard not to notice each breath she took.
Fyonah Okadia’s story was inspiring. She had gone through so much to even be able to stand before people to share her past with us. She’s currently running Amira Africa in support of single mothers; a clear testimony that you are the one to decide what pain does to you.
Dennis Mutuma also known us Dorphan (the poet) spoke from his heart. It is not everyday that you’d find a man expressing himself regarding a story he deems so sensitive and so close to him. He went on to give us a moving poem at the end of the forum.
Truly we learned that unplanned pregnancies are a reality we cannot run from. What we need to do is create solutions and structures to support these cases because they will always be with us.
This week we shift our attention to the relevance of poetry to society. With the surge in the number of poets in these modern times and a proliferation of the world’s problems, one of the most poignant queries we are tackling is the significance of the art in our lives. Are poems any effective today? What does poetry mean to you? It’s a date!