In traditional African societies, if a lady got pregnant before getting married, the man who impregnated her would by custom take her as a wife. In some places, she’d be denied by her family and treated as an outcast for having a child out of wedlock.
Things have changed today. It is not automatic that a man will marry the girl he impregnates. Some even deny being the fathers of these children, running away and leaving the young women stranded over whether to keep their children or abort them depending on their capability to raise them.

Even in married couples, sometimes unplanned pregnancies occur and would-be parents grapple with the indecision to either keep a child or think otherwise about their fate.
Do you think women who get pregnant outside marriage are treated fairly today? Is there something that can be done to prevent such pregnancies in the case that it is unplanned for? What happens when such a thing happens in a marriage, is it obvious that the couple should keep the baby now that children are viewed as a blessing in African culture? Also, some women have been impregnated through violent circumstances such as rape. How does such a lady help herself? How do we, as society, help her?
Your say counts. Join us this Saturday for Fatuma’s Voice as we dwell on this. Poetry and music awaits too.
Pawa 254