Wambui: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

A Case NO 3087 OF 1981 (O.S) has been in the high court for 34 years. Delayed justice is justice denied.

Justice for Mama Grace Wambui may be another classic case of the rich feeding off the poor. Mama Grace Wambui is an elderly woman living as a squatter on land she had called home for decades.  She was forcefully evicted by Mr. Odongo who took over the land on claims that it was his. It was later said to be a case of double allocation and that the land which lawfully belongs to Wambui should be returned.

In a perfect world, this would mark the end of the tussle: But no, years later no action has been taken. Maybe it is because Wambui is too old to run after Mr. Odongo who is ‘well connected’. Each effort to retrieve the land has failed and Wambui may be forced to live the rest of her life as a homeless person on the edge of her own land.

What makes this ironic is that the land is located right next to the Shauri Moyo Chiefs camp and police post. You would expect a faster service of social justice for Wambui based on what is just a metaphoric proximity to Justice. Maybe the amount of money and ‘connections’ owned by Mr. Odongo has either bought him immunity or has blinded the entire justice system. Whatever the case, she is still a squatter and this may pass as another voiceless person with no one to speak on her behalf.

Here are some of the sentiments by #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) who have decided not to let it slide. Not to accept and move on:

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