For the longest time in Kenya, the youth have been described as the leaders of tomorrow. Over the years, different governments have been in power yet, young people continue to be side-lined in critical decision making processes, especially in major sectors of our country’s governance. This lot, the leaders of tomorrow, form the bulk of unemployed persons in Kenya & continue to pile pressure on the State. This has seen the Government resort to endeavors such as the recently flawed National Youth Service project & the doubtful Youth Development Fund.
In essence, it seems that the older generation is yet to be convinced that young people can take up major leadership roles in society. The generational gap is certainly a catapult to this school of thought.
On the flip side, questions are abound on the youth’s capability to lead: Are they skilfully equipped to run the country? Does the ailing education system favour their prospects of taking charge of this country’s future? Can they maturely participate in civic engagements? Is the Government doing enough to invite the youth to be part of its core running? And to top it all off, are the older leaders clueless on how to do all this or are they driven by greed of staying in power (and for much longer than is usually expected?)
This is a conversation we would certainly love you to be part of: regardless of your position or status in society. Let us join heads to seek a way forward in this matter. We welcome you for this, poetry & music this 1st Thursday of May, 2016. Bring a friend.
5pm to 8pm.
Little Theatre Club, Mbaraki Road, Mombasa.
Charges: Kshs. 100/-