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Most noteworthy, in August of the year 2007, Kenyans went to the polls to vote in a new leadership of the state. When the presidential results were announced, the opposition disputed the outcome and so was the start of blood spilling. The former Rift Valley province was the worst affected. The now Nakuru County being at the epicenter of all the activities and youth were highly involved.

The Post-Election Violence

The fighting would spill over to early months of the year 2008 and consequently, the warrying parties made a truce to form a coalition government. The youth were the major players in all this, only on front lines of war, not on peace making tables. They were the ones fighting other people’s war.
Flash forward today and just a little over a year to go for another election year and the flares are up again. Hate is being propagated, leaflets have already been found once here in Nakuru County urging members of other communities to leave. The social media spaces have become the breeding ground for tribalism and hate , just all the signs of bad things to come. Yet the youth remain the propagaters of this.

It’s Time for Youth to Speak Out:

Time is ripe for Fatuma’s Voice and everyone to start asking the pertinent questions of youth involvement in governance and Leadership. Hard questions need to be asked on role of youth in running the County’s resources. Therefore, Fatuma’s Voice Nakuru, this Saturday July the 16th, seeks to listen to your views. And to help with this discussion, we will be joined by one Philip Ng’ok, the president of Nakuru youth Bunge.
Philip Ng’ok, being a youth leader with vast experience in youth empowerment and Leadership.  He will help look at where we have gone wrong as youth. Philip Ng’ok will also discuss the current status of the youth in governance as well as the way forward as we near the electioneering year. This discussion is both for the young people who care about this country. It’s for the older parents who have seen the worst but still hope for a better future, this conversation is for everyone.
Join us this Saturday, July 16th at Legacy hotel and be part of the Fatuma’s Voice discussion.
There will be lots of poetry and musical performances to sooth your evening.
Fatuma’s Voice
Venue : Legacy hotel
Time : 5pm to 8pm
Charges : ksh. 100

Youth in Governance - Fatuma's Voice Nakuru

Youth in Governance – Fatuma’s Voice Nakuru